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Today is an important milestone for CP Solutions llc and Xtreme Lesson Planner.  We are not only writing our first blog post but we also deployed new features to Xtreme Lesson Planner.

Before I discuss the new features I would like to talk little about who we are and what we do.  CP Solutions llc provides services that help our customers perform their side tasks more efficiently so they can focus on their main task.  Our first service Xtreme Lesson Planner helps teachers manage their lesson plans. Teacher's can create, schedule and retrieve their plans from any web browser from many devices. The service also allows the scheduling of homework and the storage of documents like handouts. 

Xtreme Lesson Planner has been in production since August of 2014, we currently offer two memberships with each offering two free weeks to try it out.  Cancel during the two week trial and you pay nothing.  Believe me though that after using Xtreme Lesson Planner you will find that management and accessability of you lesson plans will be a breeze you will not want to cancel.

The new features released today are improvements to finding your data.  we added advanced searching capabilities to the events, courses and Lesson plans screens.  Going forward we will continue to release new features and updates to make the product even better.

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