9-23-2014 New Updates

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Today we released new updates to Xtreme Lesson Planner.  The updates are mostly cosmetic, we just added a link to this blog, and fixed some wording issues.  We also added improved logging and even did some performance optimizations. 

In the coming weeks we will also be updating our front page, to better show our service off.  We will also continue to add more features and improvements with every release.  These features include items like better searching options, and easier visualization of your lesson plans. 

We are also planning on working on sharing lesson plans between teachers and administrators.  Teachers can ask for ways to improve lessons from mentors, and administrators could just log in and see their teacher’s plans for the coming week, month or even year.

So go sign up and take advantage of the two week trial period so you can fully understand the benefits of Xtreme Lesson Planner.   For convenience you can sign up using your google account or create a new account with us.

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