Major Updates

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Boy have we been busy at

We have been working on some new update and bug fixes and we deployed them just in time for the new school year.  A list of update features and descriptions are below.

  1.     We update the user dashboard.  We completely replaced the old dashboard with a new sleek version that gives you access to every feature and information about everything at Xtreme Lesson Planner.  The interactive menu on the right can be toggled to see upcoming events, quick links to all the features, upcoming lesson plans, and account information about storage left, and links to our FAQ and Tutorials.
  2.     We update the PDF generation.  Our new PDF design for lesson plans has been improved.  You now have color and a much better page layout.  This feature was a big request and we hope we have delivered.
  3.     Finally we continue to attack all those nasty bugs in the system.  We resolved many reported issues and continue to keep an eye on any error reports sent to us from our users.  

Now with the new school year right around the corner check out our updated features and let us know what you think, what we need to improve and what features are still missing.

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